When it comes to B2B integration upgrade or migration, planning is key. There could be many variables that could cause potential problems varying from hardware incompatibility to negative effects on the interface.

That is the reason for the team dealing with the upgrade need to keep in mind the impact on trading partners, transaction processes, etc. A failed upgrade or migration could mean a temporary defusion of order and invoice process gateways. this could mean catastrophe financially if that is a peak hour. Any such failure cannot be ignored.

Unblemished B2B integration Software Upgrades and Migrations

Professional guidance from experienced parties is mandatory to process a smooth upgrade or migration. The role of the experienced partner could be held by Agile Data’s Upgrade and Migration Team.

The team has achieved tremendous success in completing hundreds of successful upgrades and migrations for the IBM B2B Integration solutions portfolio, including IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, the IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions, WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) and IBM Sterling Gentran.

We offer B2B integration solution upgrade and migration services like: 

  • Upgrade Strategy: A team of experienced and insightful personal will create a strategy that is best suited for the work at hand.
  • Upgrade Examination: We examine your current installations, its hardware and software capabilities and what are to requirements for improvement.
  • Structural Design: the team comes up with the process requirements needed and that infrastructure as well.
  • Project management: Complete management of the project will be handled by a dedicated project manager.
  • Configuration: With experts coming in to ensure your project is reviewed, checked, and tested in a sufficient manner.
  • Upgrade Trial Run: Test runs are conducted to ensure the transition was seamless and inconveniences were minimal.
  • Transferring Knowledge: The team will educate your team to help minimize difficulties as well as the need for change.

Agile Data is prepared to put in extra effort for the sake of the customer. We understand that every same matter and every second count, hence we do upgrades and migrations in an easy and seamless manner to cater to the customer’s requirements.