It is always challenging to complete B2B integration solutions. There could be numerous hurdles that might factor into it. These induce but aren’t limited to:

  • Problems in network connectivity due to lack of planning of the size of the data and frequency of communication and transfers.
  • Lack of coordination between the trading partner systems due to lack of accurate acknowledgment and communication.
  • Failure in the execution of the business processes in an optimal and precise manner.
  • Failure in terms of back end compatibility without various languages and technologies in play.

There are many more that could arise but cannot be foreseen. This is exactly the reason experienced and skilled project management is essential for the comfortable and smooth running of a project.

An organized and trained project management team will have a responsibility and a sense of answerability which will intern reflect onto the implementation team. They manage deadlines, handle change and risk management and most important of all will handle a crisis when(and it will) occurs.

The scale of the company or the project doesn’t matter

If the previous projects handled by the Project Management team at Agile data is any proof, you can be assured that your project is in excellent hands. Expertly managing projects of all expenses the team is skilled and experienced is something Agile Data is proud of.

We specialize in IBM B2B Integration solutions like the IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions, IBM Sterling Gentran, WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX), and IBM Sterling B2B Integrator.

No matter the need, be it a brand-new implementation or expanding an existing one. The Agile Data team assures you of a successful and secure project.

Our Project Management Methodology

To give you the best we have developed a comprehensive strategy and methodology that we employ.

  • To fit your business needs, and objectives strategy and design sessions are vital.
  • Budgeting and cost analysis
  • Managing project coordination between all involved parties like integration team, trading partners, etc.
  • Predicting and fool-proofing potential problems.
  • Change management, to help your trading partners and technicians understand the alterations made and their outcome.
  • Risk Management, to avoid future negative implications due to the project.
  • Re-Evaluation is done to ensure customer satisfaction and improvement.

Management Expertise

Agile Data takes great pride in its project management team. Allow us to manage the B2B integration and you will see the difference for yourselves.