Why EDI Outsourcing?

Handling EDI and B2B integrating systems is quite a demanding task for any IT department. This is especially true when the number of trading partners is increasing or keeps changing. There is no dedicated team to deal with such situations and other teams are burdened with the task of other projects as well.

Before burning out your team or harming your relationship with your trading partners, it is better to consider letting Agile Data have a look at it.

EDI and B2B Management services

Agile Data had been known for its high standards and professionalism for the last two decades. By employing us, you can focus more on primary business and allow our team to handle B2B integration and management services.

This could turn out to be a more cost-efficient way of handling a project that you might initially presume. The direct effect is that the project will be handled in a suitable manner due to which the integration/upgrade/migration is completed flawlessly. The indirect effect is your team having complete focus on projects and improving performance.

We specialize in applications like IBM Sterling Gentran, IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, IBM Transformation Extender (ITX), IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer.

We can provide the complete managerial, operational, and facilitative services to your EDI or B2B program. Additionally, we can provide the infrastructure as a hosted or B2B Integration SaaS solution.

Services Provided

We offer end to end EDI and B2B services like:

  • Management and Administration of B2B & EDI tasks.
  • Mapping and production support for all EDI transaction sets.
  • Analysis and evaluation of faulty processes and systems.
  • Incident creation, escalation, and solution determination.
  • Monitoring overall EDI activities with the help of statistics and reports.
  • Infrastructure services that eliminate in-house solution needs.

Personalized service needs

Your requirement might range from a few necessary services to full-scale B2B project or upgrade. We understand that, which is why you can personalize the services according to your budget and need. One thing is for sure, the services provided by Agile Data WILL keep you and your trading partners happy and satisfied.