EDI Mapping is an essential part of B2B operations. It is where the real world application of the project starts to come into play. The work that goes into EDI mapping actually decides if the transfer of information was precise and effortless.

Mapping needs to be done with an incredible amount of precision no matter what platform or protocol you might be using. Failing to do so may cost you resources that could have been useful elsewhere. Integrating personal who knows the ins and outs of the business with mapping experts can lead to delightful results.

EDI Mapping Resources

Agile Data provides EDI Mapping aid to all inbound and outbound EDI documents. We are proficient in all major EDI mapping methods and technologies like, integration tools and networks, including IBM Sterling, GXS, Seeburger, and others, and can help you with initial EDI maps, EDI map enhancements, EDI map development, etc. We offer any-to-any mapping and support all versions of ANSI and EDIFACT.

We offer EDI mapping services such as:

  • Mapping Requirements Specification (MRS) development.
  • On-shore map development and maintenance.
  • Performing gap analysis between the application layout and EDI layouts.
  • Building EDI specifications.
  • Developing implementation guidelines.
  • Building maps using leading software applications like IBM Sterling Gentran.
  • Support for SAP IDOCS, flat files, ODBC, and application files.
  • Map integration testing.
  • Remote and Onsite mapping support.

Agile Data’s EDI Mappers

The biggest advantage you are to gain from Agile Data’s EDI marketing team is efficient and effective development and migration. This will directly impact your response speed towards business needs. This will also make you malleable to changing regulations and standards.