Agile Data Inc (formerly EDI Sourcing Inc) is an amalgam of Technology Savvy Engineers and the “Big Picture” consultants providing technology-driven solutions that meet the strategic business objectives of our clients.
Our team has over two decades of professional consulting experience in the Enterprise computing space and have been able to consistently add value to our clients by reducing cycle times in their processes.

The skills we provide are based on the objective research and prototyping in our Center of Excellence (COE).

Our COE is driven by one and only one goal, we must educate ourselves so we can enlighten our customers with actionable insights for their ongoing integration needs. We strive very hard to hire the best of talent and re-skill our employees in both the current trends and the emerging technologies, so our customers can stay focused on their business objectives and leave the complexities related to the ever-changing technologies to us. In our COE, we strive to build standards-based applications that can scale above and beyond the industry expectations.

New Business Model

Many of our customers use ADI Managed Services as their new business model. As your partner, we implement, onboard and integrate with your B2B ecosystem. You have access to new skills and technologies, built-in standards compliance and the ability to free up your personnel to focus on your core business strategy. The new business model requires ADI to rapidly respond to your growing business demands. When you contact the ADI Support Center, we promise you prompt, accurate and courteous service—unparalleled in the industry—regardless of your company size, location or investment level. Everything we do is dedicated to helping you and your trading partners succeed. Making you easier to do business with.